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Performance modificaitons and ECU tuning are not just our living, they’re our life.

P.I.T. is Family owned/operated for over a decade.

Our Mustang Gladiator Dyno measures your car’s wheel horsepower while we tune fuel injected, carbureted, turbo charged, supercharged, or nitrous equipped vehicles. Your car is properly loaded to simulate road conditions as we safely and accurately optimize your engine’s tuning.

For P.I.T’s owner/operator, AJ Gracy, ultimate performance is the ultimate passion. He continuously updates his knowledge and skills, attending auto performance conventions, networking in the racing and street performance industry, and completing EFI University coursework. He holds numerous certifications for high performance engine and ECU tuning. AJ brings utlimate performance out of a variety of cars, from Japanese classics and modern tuner cars, to Eurpean GT and collectables, to good old—or new—American muscle.

Auto Performance Service Specialties

  • Engine Diagnostics and Dyno/ECU tuning
  • Electrical Diagnostics
  • Performance Testing
  • Bespoke Car Builds
  • Custom Car Project Completion
  • Performance Brake Upgrades
  • Drive Train/Transmission Upgrades
  • Exhaust Upgrades

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    A little bird told me you can do magic with cars. This same.bird also says you are a jedi master of your trade and can make the impossible, possible! Please, I can do without darkside mind tricks. If you are indeed the chosen one, “the prophet” please summons me and the horse power Gods and we can majestically, take sharp apexes to a new level

    I await your transmission… No pun intended…


    How much do you charge to tune a vehicle, I have an 04 corvette c5 with vararam ram air and non muffler exhaust. I run a 12.6 1/4 mile looking to hit high 11’s eventually, I am even considering just a 75 shot of nitrous unless you suggest otherwise. Thank you for your time.

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